Ruining the Game of Football: The Infamous Bookies

Role of Bookies in Football gambling:

Some of the most horrifying incidents in the game of football have tarnished its reputation in many ways. The Bandar bola who are not only involved in booking business but also in the heinous crime of match-fixing scandals are plenty in number. Even though it is illegal to gamble in football in Malaysia, there are many bookies who are involved in bribing and spot-fixing the match. But some of the bookies are just confined to booking business which they run under the radar intense scrutiny. Malaysia, one of the largest booking hubs boasts a lot of bookies which are in connection with unlicensed agents and thus get involved in scandals.

Bandar Bola

Operations of Bookies:

Many bookies who are caught are being arrested and punished heavily under the state law which prohibits any form of booking around the match. Despite this, due to some loopholes identified in the system, many of them escape by working in coordination with foreign especially European or American booking companies. Such is the stake that they conceal themselves are have big connections at the top level to turn the favors in their hands. In another instance, it is known that these bookies galvanize youth into betting and promote them to join the business.

The response of State Authorities:

The state has constantly made efforts to track down bookies working under illegal authorities which are not licensed by the government. They are also having a crackdown at the chain of the bookies and unraveling their connections to the lowest and highest level in which they operate. Numerous players who have been suspected of being in contact of Bandar bola have faced the prosecution and been released after the brief investigation. In a recent instance, two footballers along with their bookie had been released on bail and remanded for a week and were detained later by the state authorities following the team’s defeat. An ongoing campaign has been probed to eliminate illegal booking.