A record year for council tax debts

The bailiffs can only take things that belong to you or products that are jointly owned by you and your partner. If they wish to make goods that belong to someone else (your kids, spouse, lodgers, etc.) describe that the products do not belong to you personally. If it’s possible, show a reception or notice as proof. The belonger of the goods may have to offer a written letter as a declaration to say this is the case.

source: express.co.uk

They cannot take goods which are leased or hired, including products on hire purchase arrangements. Show them a copy of your credit arrangement if you can.


When the bailiffs haven’t yet been in, you can hide items or take them someplace else. If the bailiffs have already been in there, then you are doing an offense if you eliminate goods they have said they will make. You can hide them on your assumptions, but the bailiffs can hunt for them.


If the bailiffs are distraining for Election Tax or council tax debts, there are particular procedures which they must follow. They Have to have with them:-

* written authorization in the council for them to call. They should show you that if you ask.

They must give you a copy of:-

* the legislation putting out their abilities and precisely what they can and can’t do. These would be the”Enforcement


* the fees that the bailiffs are allowed to create for each visit. You ought to check they haven’t added too much on to your debt. See the program at the end of this fact sheet.

* any agreement you’ve indeed signed. This is called a”Walking Possession” arrangement and includes a list of goods that the bailiffs have warned they might take.